Found anything interesting but you don’t have time to read it? Want to save it for later? That’s what social bookmarking do for us. Social bookmarking is a service which is used online to share and store online bookmarks for reading later. It can store and share video, article and websites and images.

Find new list of social bookmarking sites and new social media websites to follow in 2019

Popular Social Bookmarking Sites

  1.– Tumblr is a social bookmarking site. It was founded by David Karp in 2007. The site allows users to submit multimedia posts like a photo, images, video, audio and etc. The dashboard is very easy to use.
  2.– Taringa is a social networking site founded by Matías Botbol in 2005. Taringa has 25 million registered users, according to Taringa metrics daily thousand of users post and share on interesting topics like technology, food, life hacks, tutorials, recipes, reviews, art and etc.
  3.– soup is a multimedia site founded by Christopher Clay in April 2007. The site was super-easy blog site that can do more than just text site. You can post links, quotes, videos, audio, files, reviews and events. and it’s quite similar to Tumblr.
  4.– Flipboard is a news aggregator and social bookmarking website or founded by Mike McCueEvan Doll in January 2010. It gives the magazine-like interface to read selected stories and articles.
  5.– Akonter is a very famous social bookmarking site that allows you to bookmark your favorite site and it is easy to use and safe to browse.
  6.– 4Mark is a local social bookmarking tool. The site collects your popular links for further reading and Sharing and its very popular.
  7.– Plurk Launched on May 12, 2008, very much similar to Twitter but is different in appearance. It gives you karma based on your discussions. Higher karma shows you are a better plurker.
  8.– Folkd is a social bookmarking site to save bookmark and links online. You can upvote any story. The User can also follow send any bookmark over other social media such as Facebook and Twitter.
  9.– Diigo is Commercial website or Launched July 4, 2006, it’s one of the best social bookmarking sites, that allow a user to sign-up on the website to bookmark and tag favorite website.
  10.– Mix was the most popular and favorite site of the user in the social bookmarking websites. save anything, from anywhere if it’s available on the internet.

Social Bookmarking Sites

Social Bookmarking Site List